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Meet the team: Nikki Murphy, Framery

It’s been a busy first year for Nikki Murphy, Area Sales Manager Framery UK, with a new showroom in Clerkenwell, balancing the joys of a toddler and getting to grips with an ever-changing A+D sector. We thought we’d catch up with Nikki to get an idea of what’s new at Framery and its plans for the future. 


It's your first work anniversary in August; congratulations, and how have the last twelve months been? 

I can honestly say it’s been an amazing first year. I’ve been in the furniture industry for some time, usually working with hundreds of different products and manufacturers so to go from this to getting to know a small family of products has been so different but great. My latest position allows me to take a fully hands-on approach working closely with dealers and end clients which has been so enjoyable.

It’s very different but I’ve joined at a very exciting time for Framery, in terms of what we’re doing, where we’re going and the huge noise we’re making in the market.

What does your role as an Area Sales Manager entail, and what makes up your typical day? 

Is there such thing as a typical day? I’m based in London but cover the whole of the UK, along with my colleague Nico who looks after both the UK and Italy. Every day is a mix of meetings with dealers and clients, one day I could be in Portsmouth and the next in Edinburgh, so it certainly keeps me on my toes.

An important part of my role is building relations within the A&D sector and letting them know how our products are shaping the future of meeting spaces. We’ve been making a lot of noise over the last 12 months and now we’re focusing on some amazing projects and ideas. Watch this space...

What would surprise people about you and your interests? 

I have a two-year-old daughter, so she takes up most of the time and my interests have now become parks and Peppa Pig. Back in the day we used to travel, but for now our passports are in the drawer. We’re looking forward to taking her on some adventures in the near future.

What's it like being based at The Gallery Clerkenwell? 

Anybody that’s part of the design world knows that this is the place to be. You can’t fault being located next to the two busiest pubs, which definitely has its perks, and The Gallery is well known within Clerkenwell landscape and A&D community. In terms of the partners, the brands work really well together. Somebody comes in to look at a pod, but can also find flooring, furniture and surfacing solutions.

It’s good that we bounce off each other and we’re similarly minded people creating a collaborative and cooperative atmosphere that benefits both the suppliers and visitors.

Framery is an industry leader within the meeting and pod sector. What comes first, design or technology?

Framery has managed to create an excellent balance with design and technology. From my own personal opinion, I think that technology probably leads the way at the moment. We recently showcased our concept, Framery Contact, and the feedback and reaction has been amazing. The ability to use a combination of advanced and analogue technology to replicate a true face-to-face meeting takes the concept of pod meeting spaces to another level. In regard to design and aesthetics, our pods are customisable, so we’re also giving designers and specifiers the opportunity to adapt the look and feel of each product to tie in with branding and aesthetics.

What has been the most popular product within the Framery range this year?

Globally, the best seller is the Q but since coming to the Gallery the buzz around the Framery One has been incredible. People come in to look at the Framery O but then fall in love with Framery One – its Framery Connect features and tech lead the way. This clever piece of technology allows office designers and managers to really understand how space is being used while providing an easy way to control bookings. It’s been on the market for a couple of years but is really making a difference in understanding how we can adapt spaces to suit the fluidity of workers or visitors.

How have meeting pods changed in the last twelve months and which sectors are opening up to the versatility they provide?

I often get asked this and sometimes the answer really surprises people, but the use of meeting pods and solutions is extensive, and we’re not just talking office environments. In the commercial world, they’re everywhere. Banks, shopping centres, the world’s our oyster. We’ve seen our Framery pods popping up in healthcare, coffee and gym settings, and they represent a global move to a flexible workspace where people have the tools and facilities to work anywhere, whether that’s taking a call, hosting a podcast, providing a quiet place to work or a meeting space.

What advice would you give anyone looking to get into the interior sector?

Get ready to be part of a unique industry – once in you never get out. Clerkenwell is like a family and people can move around quite openly and frequently. Personally, I’d highly recommend it. After all, I’ve been in this sector for over 10 years. It’s a fun and sociable industry to work in and you also get to learn about different aspects of other people’s business as you’re always talking to clients. One day you’ll be at meetings with a large company such as TikTok, and the next, an exciting new start-up. It can really teach you the importance of how you present yourself to different people.

The industry is constantly evolving, but what challenges do you face today?

 Pods are so talk of the minute. New manufacturers are trying to get involved in the pod world, so the challenge is that someone is always going to be out to try and grab the Framery crown. Our challenge is to remain five steps ahead. We’ve a small portfolio to concentrate on which means we can adapt our design and technology without overloading the sector.

Have you noticed any trends this year?

Pods, pods and more pods. They offer a flexible and agile working solutions but also give people in the office a reason to be there. They’re flexible by design and provide an ideal agile working solution. They also come with creature comforts and adaptable features that support wellbeing.

There have been some amazing technological breakthroughs at Framery, including Framery Contact; what will be next? How, where, or when can clients experience this new technology?

The concept of Framery Contact has been well received and we’ve had so much positive feedback at shows such as NeoCon along with our PR launch in London. The whole concept of providing a face-to-face experience and reconnecting people wherever they are in the world is a challenging one, but we’ve created the tech and tools to make it possible. We’re definitely looking for companies to pilot this, so watch this space. 

How do you spend your leisure time when you're not meeting visitors at The Gallery Clerkenwell?

I tend to be donning my entertainment hat and trying to tire out my two-year-old daughter. Weekends are definitely a time for family and friends and allow me to 
switch off from work. That’s one of the really nice things about working at Framery, as they support downtime and wellbeing as well as helping us to thrive at work. I haven’t worked for a company as supportive as that or who are very family orientated. They’re not just following the buzz on wellbeing, worktime and downtime; they’ve written the book and are actually doing it.

The Framarian Family unites colleagues in Spain, France and Germany, and while we might only see each other once or twice a year, we’re always supporting, learning and encouraging each other. They’ve managed to employ a range of like-minded, nice people who like to work hard and do the best they can. Forget the old school sales type, Framery is nurturing a new generation of salespeople that go with their ethos of growing and developing. Simply put, I don’t have Sunday night blues. 

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