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Meet the team: Peter Duddridge

Peter Duddridge is sales manager for Hawk Furniture, a British manufacturer of office and residential furniture. 

Peter Duddridge

Firstly, congratulations on your new spot here at The Gallery Clerkenwell. How have all the preparations gone?

Really well thanks. Its good to finally have a prescence in London.

You’re a fairly recent addition to the Hawk Furniture team and come with an impressive history of working within the design sector. What made you want to join?

I admired Hawk from afar for years now and believe we are truly sleeping giant.

Hawk Furniture manufacture its office and residential furniture in East Yorkshire, but how important was it to have a spot within the Clerkenwell Design district?

Very important. It's essential to have a London hub to facilitate the needs of our partners.

What products have been particularly popular this year?

A real mix. From bench desks, boardroom tables to our Canopy unit. Collaborative workspaces are a hot topic right now!

How has office design changed post covid, and how does the Hawk Furniture reflect a more fluid way of working?

Workspaces have certainly changed and evolved post Covid. There is not as much cheek to Jowell workspaces now. A typical office space is much more of an open, collaborative environment.

What’s been the latest ranges launched for 2023/2024?

Our new Executive desk range…..its a beautiful, stylish and highly competitive collection.

What does a typical day entail?

Assisting our partners with projects and day to day enquiries.

How does Hawk Furniture respond to the ongoing demand for more sustainable products?

Being a 100% British manufacturer we massively reduce our carbon footprint with regards to logistics. The vast majority of our products are recyclable and we only use FSC certified board for our ranges. We are also very proud of the fact that our fleet of vehicles are either all electric or hybrid. Plus our manufacturing units are powered almost entirely via solar power.

What excites you about working within the A+D sector?

The constant trend changes. It keeps us on our toes!

How does Hawk Furniture balance the need for beautifully designed furniture with the ongoing demand for integrated technology?

We listen to our partners and fulfil their needs as best we can!

In three words, describe office design today.

Exciting, Evolving, and dynamic.



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