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Engineered for excellence

IVC Commercial’s award-winning LayRed 55 engineered vinyl flooring provides contractors with an authentic natural look vinyl plank or tile that’s easier and faster to install.


With contractors facing an array of on-site challenges in delivering a successful installation, including conditions, time and cost; IVC Commercial’s LayRed 55 engineered vinyl flooring has been developed as a solution. The floor also provides end users with an LVT designed for commercial environments which also offers improved acoustic performance and underfoot comfort.
Engineered for easy implementation

At the heart of LayRed 55 lies a rigid core that provides a strong and stable plank or tile. This rigid core has allowed IVC Commercial to construct an LVT product that eliminates telegraphing and the need to stick down the floor. The floor is also equipped with a dense foam underlay that combats minor subfloor irregularities.
The combination of the rigid core and underlay, along with a strong click joint, allows a floating installation over a range of subfloor conditions. Potentially eliminating remedial work to the subfloor, as well as the time and cost of laying adhesive, LayRed 55 provides contractors with a solution that offers timesaving and cost-saving benefits. It is also worth noting that the floor brings less installation noise and mess as it is simply cut to fit with a knife.
Engineered for better comfort and performance
LayRed 55’s construction also has advantages for the end user. The dense foam underlay has excellent acoustic performance, providing an advantage over conventional LVT floors. Reducing impact sound by 22dB without any additional underlays or specialist solutions, it also helps to improve underfoot feel.
The floor’s patented 12-layer construction provides strength for excellent long-term performance. Featuring a 0.55mm wear layer and Twinguard® for scratch and stain resistance, as well as easier maintenance, LayRed 55 is designed to perform in commercial environments. The floor provides a Class 33 use level and R10 slip-restraint.

Engineered for authenticity

Through natural wood and stone effects, LayRed 55 provides an attractive floor finish that can meet the aesthetic demands of a broad range of locations. Whether corporate workplace to housing, education, residential care, retail, hospitality and leisure; LayRed 55 delivers an all-important natural look with a textured finish. There’s a great choice of designs too with classic oak, rustic woods and modern stone tiles.
In LayRed 55 Impressive, IVC Commercial’s Embossed in Register (EIR) technology is used to bring a true-to-life texture across 24 wood effects. Accurately following the pattern of the décor, the improved realism of LayRed 55 Impressive is ideal for projects where aesthetic integrity is a priority.
Engineered for the environment

Made in Belgium using renewable energy from IVC Commercial’s on-site wind turbines, LayRed 55 uses 30% recycled content. The floor’s low-impact installation – eliminating subfloor preparation, adhesives – and simple uplift for post-life recovery, also provide environmental advantages.
IVC Commercial can supply EPDs for LayRed 55 and the floor can positively contribute to environmental certification systems for projects including BREEAM, LEED and WELL. 
Engineered for excellence

Over two-years in development, LayRed 55 provides advantages over conventional LVT in terms of installation and user comfort. Also upholding the authentic natural look, long-term performance and ease of maintenance of the best LVTs, LayRed 55 is engineered for excellence. Available from stock in the UK.
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