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Time to make a stand

Change your office desk for a Cosine height adjustable desk and see workplace wellbeing head to new heights.

Designed to give workers the flexibility of working in different sit/stand positions throughout the day. Cosine has been designed to reduce prolonged sitting time during office work. Developed with an integrated height adjusting mechanism, Cosine stimulates breaks in sitting by encouraging standing positions as an alternative.

Research shows that more active working, by incorporating standing in the daily routine, improves workers wellbeing, burns more calories and increases productivity.

Cosine by Tangent

Individual desk tops can be set to different heights depending on the chosen working position and the user’s height via manual crank handle or electric mechanism.  The electric mechanism also has the option of 4 position programmable memory function.

Cosine can also be specified as a static bench set at either 740mm or 1050mm high and can be adapted at a later date to incorporate one of the height adjustable options.

This means Cosine is a truly flexible future proof range of furniture.

In the meantime why not...

  • Get up from your desk and walk around for five minutes to get muscles moving and improve blood flow.
  • Move away from your desk for meetings.
  • Find a quiet soft seating area to relax in, away from all things tech.
  • Give walking meetings a go.

Pop in The Gallery 21-22 Great Sutton Street or call Tangent sales team on 0800 389 3112

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