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Budget Beating Panels

The perfect choice for lockers and changing rooms to furniture subject to intensive use, Compact MDF is the budget beating decorative surface available from our Gallery partner, Unilin Panels.

Compact MDF is the latest decorative surface available from Unilin Panels. With a high-density, moisture-resistant black core, Compact MDF needs no edging tape and can be used in humid environments. It is also ideal for areas subject to intensive use: changing and dressing rooms, toilet areas, kitchen and bathroom furniture, product displays and worktops can all benefit from its excellent scratch- and wear-resistance.

Budget Beating Panels

The core of Compact MDF is made from 100% recovered wood.  This is wood and wood waste that is no longer usable for someone else, which is used in the production of MDF to save it from incineration. More specifically, the MDF is made from wood originating from residual flows from the wood industry and thinning from sustainable forest management and roadside maintenance.

Compact MDF is available in a wide range of looks. From true-to-material Fibromax Compact MR Black and classic wood effects to brushed metals and an extraordinary collection of solid colours, there’s a finish to coordinate with almost any interior. So, whether recreating a sophisticated and welcoming wood for bespoke features in a hotel room, or bright colour coded storage in a primary school or office, Unilin Panels Compact MDF is a great place to start.

Available in different thicknesses, the material is easy to process using standard MDF tools. The wide panel format (2070 x 2800mm) also reduces saw loss and ensures fewer joints. A budget-friendly answer for decorative finishes, Compact MDF is the multi-purpose panel.

Unilin Panels decorative Compact MDF can be delivered within five working days from a minimum order of just two panels.

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Unilin Panels

Unilin Panels makes decorative surface panels that use the newest techniques and draw inspiration from nature, fashion and architecture to create the timeless designs of the Decorative Range collection.

For The Gallery, the company has hand-picked decors from its Decorative Range collection. Bringing a selection of decors proven to deliver and inspire beautiful commercial, retail and hospitality interiors. Available in melamine-faced panels, HPL and edging tape, the decors available at The Gallery make choosing your new surface an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Part of the Unilin Group established in the 1960s, Unilin Panels is deeply rooted in the Belgian landscape. Using 95% recycled wood in the production of chipboard, Unilin Panels is a pioneer in the circular economy.

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IVC Commercial

IVC Commercial is the world’s fastest growing flooring solutions manufacturer. Designing and making its floors in Belgium, IVC Commercial has the most advanced manufacturing in Europe, bringing carpet tiles, LVT and heterogeneous vinyl floors that improve productivity and wellbeing.

Part of the world’s largest flooring company, IVC Commercial makes products that are 100% recyclable using energy it generates itself. Working to develop a circular future, the company puts people at the heart of everything it does, working to bring you affordable floors that make a difference through design and performance.

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Framery are the world’s best selling pods and office phone booths. Every detail of every product is carefully considered and perfected to ensure it contributes to our customer’s happiness, from usability and acoustics to aesthetics and sustainability.

Products including pods, phone booths and soundproof private spaces solve noise and privacy issues in open offices, making employees happier and more productive in dozens of the world’s leading companies, including Microsoft, Puma and Tesla. In fact, 70% of all Forbes 100 companies use Framery.

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Hawk Furniture

Established in the 1980s, Hawk manufactures office furniture and has a reputation for sustainable and affordable products. Using innovative techniques and modern manufacturing methods, Hawk pushes the boundaries for workplace design – all made in Yorkshire. 99% of products are manufactured in house by solar-powered factories and all waste board is used to heat the powder-coating ovens, so you can be confident that you are buying some of the most environmentally-friendly furniture in the UK.

With dozens of ranges and thousands of products, The Gallery showcases just a small selection of Hawk’s most interesting products. From breakout areas to benches, planters to receptions, Hawk gives you the power to transform your workspace into a vibrant hub of creativity.

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Designer Doorware

Since 1996, Designer Doorware has been dedicated to crafting high-quality, innovative architectural hardware that marries form and function. Our collections exemplify innovation and sophistication, elevating interior spaces. We take pride in offering high-quality products that cater to the discerning needs of our esteemed clientele. With a commitment to craftsmanship and personalisation, our team collaborates closely with architects and designers to bring their unique visions to life, creating contemporary architectural hardware that endures, making every project functional and timeless.

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